Organize Your Units

Looking for a way to organize your teaching units?  Today I'm sharing my new storage solution - Sterilite Boxes!

Many teachers use binders and that's how I initially stored units.  My issue with binders was dealing with holes punched through my master copies.   The alternative was using lots and lots of page protectors which became quite cumbersome.  Another problem was having my printables (e.g. posters, task cards, sorts) slide out of the binder.

So I ditched binders and went to file folders and hanging files for my filing cabinet.   It solved my hole-punch aversion issues!   It also neatly held my printables for each unit.  The only drawback was when the unit became too big and weighed down the folder - I would have to split it into smaller files.

Then I found these at Walmart: Sterilite Large Clip Boxes

Why do I love them? They are large enough to keep files of worksheets and printables and small enough to store stacks of them.  In this box I have 5 science units in storage pockets plus support materials for the units.  I started with 4 boxes and then kept going back for more! 

Use Sterilite boxes to store your teaching units - BrowniePoints

I now keep my materials for Language Arts in my filing cabinet.  There is so much more space and I can be pretty specific.  It's so much easier finding what I need!

If you'd like to try a similar storage method, you can grab an editable version of my labels {here}.

How do you organize your files?  What are the pros and cons?

Use Sterilite boxes to store your teaching units - BrowniePoints


  1. Thanks for the post with photos Nicole!!I started the tote file system last year and for the same reasons as you mention - especially holes in the master. I like the clear totes how they are neat and organized and you can just add more. I began teaching in another province and have been looking for Canadian teachers to connect with. I also taught K and 1 for a few years and am now teaching grade 4. I love your site!!Keep posting with photos please!

    1. Hi! (I thought I replied to this comment back in August, but apparently I just wrote a new comment :S)
      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a note! I'm glad I'm not alone in hating the holes in my masters - I know it's not important in the grand scheme of things, but I'm allowed my quirks! I don't blog nearly enough as I would like, but I plan to more so this upcoming year. All the best this year in your new adventures teaching 4th! ~Nicole


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