I found this fabulous craft idea on Pinterest from Lakeshore Learning that I just had to try.  It seemed simple enough for our ability level so early in the school year.

My wonderfully crafty co-worker adapted it to her tastes and I liked her version so I went with that. 
We used a tree trunk template that was photocopied onto brown construction paper.  You can grab it {here}.
You will need:
  • brown pipe cleaners or yarn
  • brown, orange, yellow, red, pink, and green tissue paper
  • cotton balls
  • foam pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns
  • tree trunks
  • liquid glue
  • ledger sized paper (11x17)
  • 12x18 construction paper for mounting

Books about Apples and Apple Trees

My Sample

Hard at work


Some finished products

As part of our Colour Unit during which we learned about primary and secondary colours, shades, and tints, we made Colour Quilts when we learned about value.

I found this activity in the book, How to Teach Art to Children.

Using the 8 colours in their crayon box, I asked my little friends to use each colour to fill in 2 boxes - one with light pressure and the other with full intensity.
I encouraged them to colour in random boxes so that there is variation in colour and value.  As usual, some did a really good job and others didn't get the memo!

These 2 turned out pretty well.

You can grab the template that I used {here}.  Enjoy!

I made these cards for matching representations of number.  They go along with a Number Anchor Chart that I made.

We used these cards on the pocket chart together as a class and some students are already grasping the concept of telling time to the hour and adding coin amounts.  This should make those units a lot easier come spring!!

When I put it out at the Math Center, I took out the clock, coin, and tally mark sets.  I'll bring this activity out later in the year when we learn about these concepts.

This set is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. 
I made a set with Canadian coins and one with American coins. 
Just follow the respective link!

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