About Me

Random Facts

I taught kindergarten for 6 years and first grade for 6 years.

I was born in Toronto, Ontario and now live 30 minutes away in a city called Brampton.

I'm a huge procrastinator.  In a way it forces me to focus and get the job done.  Otherwise, I diddle-daddle if a deadline isn't looming.

I love staying up late.  Mornings become a drag though! 

I love to travel and discover new places, but I hate flying.  Needless to say, I haven't gone very far :(

What I love most about teaching is that each year is a completely new experience which makes it exciting and keeps me on my toes.  I love teaching primary - the children are so willing and eager to learn and provide unconditional love and admiration! 


  1. What a clever name for your blog, Nicole! Love that! Grade 1 is fun! My favorite to teach - biggest growth year. Hope you have a great start!


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