I'm honoured to link up with fellow educators in Ontario in showcasing some of our resources that support the science and social studies curriculum in Ontario.

First I'd like to share my labour of love and best-selling unit...Materials, Objects, and Structures.
A lot of work went into this, but seeing that it is currently in over 200 classrooms across Canada makes it totally worth it!  I couldn't find very many engaging and appealing units out there so took the time to pull my own together.  

One of my favourite units is Daily and Seasonal Changes so I created a unit called, Four Seasons.  It explores weather, changes in plants and animals, activities that we can do and clothes we can wear.  I wrap up my unit with a Jeopardy-style game, Four Seasons - Trivia Games.

Some other science units that I have are Energy in Our Lives and Simple Machines.  Can you tell that I like science!!  I was a science major in university (I intended to go into medicine, but that's another story!)

In Social Studies, I created another trivia game as a review for my Community Helpers unit.  It covers job descriptions, vehicles, tools, uniforms, and buildings.

Another social studies unit that I have is Rules, Relationships, and Responsibilities.  It will be updated soon to include the changing roles and responsibilities aspect in the new curriculum.

I work in a school with a high ELL population so I always include many familiar images and some differentiated worksheets in my products.

Be sure to check out some of the other Ontario science and social studies resources.

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