First Day Jitters

For the first week of school, I decided to try a craftivity - something that I usually put off for the first few months due to generally poor scissor skills and lack of familiarity with glue sticks.

First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg is my go-to first day of school book.  My kiddies never seem to understand the surprise ending though!

I found this cute craftivity by Nancy of First Grade Wow and couldn't resist!  Check it out {here}.

After reading the story on the first day, we created a chart which shared our feelings about the first day.

Later in the week, I took the plunge!

I quickly demonstrated a sample for the class and then went on to assemble another one on the chalkboard as they assembled theirs at their desk. 

I tried my very best to keep calm throughout this 1.5 hour process.  Yes, 1.5 hours!!!

All in all, although it took a long time (for the slower ones), I think they turned out really well for a first week of school project!

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