Our first unit in math is Number Sense - counting, printing and identifying numbers.  I came across some ready-made and "fillable" anchor charts on Pinterest and TPT and was inspired to create something quick and easy for my own use.  

We completed the chart as a class and then went on to complete a worksheet from Scholastic's Write-and-Learn Number Practice Pages.

What I liked most was the way it informally introduced money, tallies, ordinals, and time. 

Most of my kiddies quickly grasped these concepts, especially by the time we got to number 10. 

This anchor chart is my first freebie/product available on TPT! 
 You can get it by clicking on the picture below.


For the first week of school, I decided to try a craftivity - something that I usually put off for the first few months due to generally poor scissor skills and lack of familiarity with glue sticks.

First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg is my go-to first day of school book.  My kiddies never seem to understand the surprise ending though!

I found this cute craftivity by Nancy of First Grade Wow and couldn't resist!  Check it out {here}.

After reading the story on the first day, we created a chart which shared our feelings about the first day.

Later in the week, I took the plunge!

I quickly demonstrated a sample for the class and then went on to assemble another one on the chalkboard as they assembled theirs at their desk. 

I tried my very best to keep calm throughout this 1.5 hour process.  Yes, 1.5 hours!!!

All in all, although it took a long time (for the slower ones), I think they turned out really well for a first week of school project!

My room is slowly coming together.  I'm optimistic about the first grade classes going through a shuffle which would leave me with three less students (from 23 to 20).  Doesn't seem like a lot, but it makes a difference in terms of classroom space!

Classroom Library
I sorted by theme.  Once I finish reading assessments, I will put out levelled book baskets that students select from for Independent Reading.

Listening Centre

My least favourite!  I can't seem to foster enough independence here.  At first, I don't allow them to change the tape or CD.  Once I do, it still doesn't seem to work.  Then SOMEBODY always seems to touch the volume dial and mute the player.

Work Windows


Calendar Wall


My Desk
I have been wanting to do this for a long time and kept putting it off, but no more!  I have decided to bite the bullet and start this blog!

My name is Nicole Brown and I have been teaching for nine years - six in kindergarten and three in the first grade.  I love the primary grades!  I live and work in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

I have gotten a lot of resources from other teacher blogs and I hope that I can contribute as well.

I am really excited to begin this journey and hope to "meet" a lot of great educators!
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