July Pick 3 Pinterest Picks

I admit, at a point in my life I was a Pinterest addict.  Constantly checking my feed to see what was new and interesting.  Pinned lesson and classroom ideas that I would get to, one day.  Pinned more recipes than I ever could need, but they were sure nice to look at, right?!  And pinned so many exercises and tips and yet that waistline... I decided to take a little hiatus and just live!

Then I checked out a linky by Inspired Owl's Corner.  

It caused me to actually go back through my pins to find my favourites and do a little bit of cleaning.  I've been inspired to think about my teaching program, do a little cooking, and exercising once more!  Here are my 3 picks:

Call me anal, but I hate hole-punching my master worksheets and putting them in a binder.  I hate seeing the tell-tale holes after photocopying.  I don't like when the page is bent from lying awkwardly in the binder.  I've been using file folders in a filing cabinet, but some of my files have become too large to fit in a folder and they often slouch in the hanging folder.  And then I saw this pin:

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Pages neatly kept, easy to transport and store.  My search for these cases is on!

I've been trying to transition to veganism for awhile now.  I definitely feel better when I don't consume animal products, but the temptation is real!  I have a Pinterest board filled with vegan recipes that I thought would help with the transition.  These Spicy Bean and Sweet Potato Burritos are DELICIOUS!  So filling, nutritious, guilt-free, and I don't miss the beef or chicken!  To cut back on processed carbs, I used sprouted-grain tortillas.  I also tried collard green leaves, but it was a bit messy for me and I preferred a big fat burrito as opposed to mini wraps.

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 Great, now I'm hungry :(

I don't have kids, but I saw this pin once and pinned it for "one day."  My 9 year old niece is visiting from Texas for the month and staying with my mom.  While paying them a visit earlier this week, my niece got a paper cup leftover from her birthday party and got some juice.  Afterwards, she threw the cup in the garbage.  FIVE MINUTES LATER, she reached for another cup for yet another drink of juice because she was, "still thirsty."  It was then that I remembered this pin.

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I'm sure my mom would've appreciated this pin when we were kids!

So I think my hiatus is over.  I will check-in to Pinterest more responsibly!  You can find me {here}

I'm pretty late to this linky party, but check out some of the fave pins of other bloggers below.

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  1. Those cases look awesome. I need some for home (a before we go back to school project is to sort out our filing cabinet - I'm dreading it). I have a sweet potato and bean quesadilla that I make - your recipe is making me hungry too - ha ha.



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